According to family tradition, Jason was destined to sell car tires.  However, Mr. K, his tenth grade photography teacher, introduced him to a whole new world altogether.  Under Mr. K’s tutelage, while spending long hours in the small school dark room, Jason realized that he wanted to be a photographer.  He did not know what being a photographer meant exactly, but he was sure that he wanted to figure it out.  Since that time, he has done everything in his power to hone his photography skills.  He graduated from RIT, traveled the world assisting some amazing photographers, received a scholarship to learn from a photography legend in Santa Fe, cut his teeth taking pictures fulltime for one of the largest retailers in the country, and now embarks on his most challenging endeavor yet: starting his own photography business.

With the support of his new beautiful wife, Heather, their cat, Manders (she meows in a very supportive way), and all of the help from his industry friends that he has met along the way, Jason is optimistic that Jason Hurst Photography will be a resounding success.  Jason would love if you follow and comment on his blog as he works to make this dream happen.


One comment

  1. I was just looking for your phone number (Luke “fixed” my phone into two different pieces), but found this instead. Must admit, I got a little teary on the last paragraph. I’m proud of you for striking out on your own. And with Heather and Manders at your side, and your talent and education, you will be a success. I mean, you are already, but you know what I mean.
    PS – Mr. K should see this!

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