Philadelphia Rower Portraits

I’ve found myself photographing a lot of peanut butter and jelly packaging lately.  By lots, I mean hundreds and hundreds jars of Smuckers and JIF.  Although I’m always thankful for the work, this type of work doesn’t always get the creative juices flowing.  As a side note, it reminded me of my first job out of photo school, medical saw photography.  I was like….wait a minute, medical saws? Where are all of the fashion shoots with models and celebrity portraits?

Anyways, I felt a need for a good personal project.  I like portraits, I was a rower in college, and Philadelphia has a beautiful boat house row and an extremely competitive community of rowers.  Rower portraits seemed like the perfect fit.  I contacted Vesper boat club and they were nice enough to let me in to do a group of portraits.  I wanted early morning drama, rowers that looked the part, and a great backdrop.  I was lucky enough to get all of these things and even some snow on the ground.







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