A Day in the Life of Tutor Heather Hurst

Heather starts the day off with a little light reading.

She then moves right into her research (or quite possibly Facebook).  

Avett barges in and says, “Look at me, I’m cute! You should play with me!”

So, of course, Heather plays with him.

She plays so much that she makes herself sleepy.

She knows that there’s only one thing to do to wake herself up…….Strike a pose!

Philadelphia tutor Heather Hurst striking a pose

Then she says, “What else do you want from a busy tutor!”

Philadelphia tutor Heather Hurst

I hope that you enjoyed “A Day in the Life of Tutor Heather Hurst”.  If you would like to book this gal for any and all of your tutoring needs, you can find her here: http://www.wyzant.com/Tutors/heatherismytutor


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