Spring House BeerAdvocate Cover

There are perks to having a brewery in the family.  One is, having a perfect place to get married (which Heather and I took full advantage of this past fall).  Another would be having amazing beer at family gatherings (which Heather and I also take full advantage of at every gathering).  For me as a photographer, it’s been a lot of fun shooting pictures for their marketing and press materials.

For those of you that don’t know the beer world, BeerAdvocate is a big deal.  It’s a national magazine with a huge readership.  So, when BeerAdvocate decided to do an article on the Lancaster, PA beer scene by highlighting Spring House Brewing company, needless to say, we were all very excited.  After we discovered that the cover was still up for grabs, we were even more excited.  This was a huge opportunity for both Spring House brewery and Jason Hurst Photography.

After finding out that the cover was available, Heather and I took a trip out to my sister and brother-in-law’s (Nikki and Matt Keasey) house and the location of Spring House Brewing Company in Conestoga, in order to take more photos.  Matt had the idea to park “Big Green”, the panel truck seen on the cover, in front of the brewery in order to load some kegs into it.  This turned out to be the winning idea  After getting the truck thoroughly stuck in the snow and pulling it out with my Mazda, we took the cover shot seen below.  Here’s a gallery of all the photos taken that weekend and below are some other photos used in the article.

February 2012 BeerAdvocate cover

Matt Keasey checks the carbonation on one of his beers.

Spring House Interior

Keasey house and Spring House Brewing Company


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