Pictures from Paradise

Heather and I went on our belated honeymoon in the beginning of January.  We took an eleven day cruise which had seven stops throughout the Caribbean.  Between the Rum Punches, the seafood and chicken (chicken on the islands is a million times better than what we have), and some intense board game play, I managed to take some photographs.

I brought with me two cameras (one big and one small,) and 90% of the photo taking was with the smaller Canon S95, which I highly recommend.  At one point, towards the end of vacation, I thought that I had lost the S95.  I was horrified that I might have lost all of my pictures, but have no fear, it was in the front pocket of my bag exactly where it belonged.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the trip:

Heather and me   This was in St. Kitts at a lookout that is called Black Rocks in the small town of Belle Vue.  It was on the opposite side of the island from our port and was much cooler because we were overlooking the Atlantic Ocean as opposed to the Caribbean Sea. There were a couple of stands selling beer, chicken, and fruit.  Heather and I partook.

This was the Black Rocks View.

This was right down the road from Black Rocks looking up to Mt. Liamuiga.  Obviously some income disparity here.

This is Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park on Saint Kitts.  Great view of the island and the largest fortress ever built in the Eastern Caribbean.

This is one of the rooms in the Fortress.

This was on a black sand beach in Dominica.  Despite almost missing the boat because of traffic, this was our favorite island.

Dominica is largely covered by beautiful rain forests.  Among other things, we visited hot springs and a beautiful water fall.

This was The Pineapple Beach in Antigua.  Apparently Antigua has 365 beaches and this is dubbed the most beautiful.  I didn’t see the other beaches, but this one was pretty darn beautiful.  We relaxed a lot this day and read books.

We had an amazing vacation!  I came back rejuvenated and ready to get back into my photography marketing.  Thanks to Rago Arts and Auction Center and a magazine that I will name later,  I’ve been very busy since my return in mid January.

Thanks for reading.


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