Musician Portraits

There are a couple determining factors that led to these portraits.  One day I was checking out photography websites and I came across Joshua Black Wilkins work.  In his testimonials someone wrote “Amazing organic portraits….somehow he always manages to capture the soul- I don’t feel like I’m looking at a photograph when I look at these photos- I feel like I’m sitting right across from the subjects at a diner or on the street.”  If that’s not what a portrait is supposed to be, I don’t know it is.  I couldn’t agree more, I love Joshua’s work and it inspired me to get out and do more portraits.

Mike McMonagle is a very talented musician from Lancaster and Heather and I were lucky enough to have him play our wedding in September.  There’s a great interview with him on itunes and it drove me to his music page.  I’m a huge fan of his sound and he’s an amazing lyricist (Goodbye, VA is my favorite).  He was exactly what I was looking for to start a series of musicians.

Mike recommended a great location in Lancaster called Tellus360.  Very cool store with tons of variety and multiple floors.  The second floor is completely unfinished  with tons of windows and the roof has a bunch of plants growing on it.  This is exactly what I was looking for in a location.   I highly recommend that you check it out if you find yourself in Lancaster.


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